Friday, March 6, 2009

Beginner's Ball Begins!

The wonderful Erobintica suggested a series of posts about the beginnings of an erotica career--the questions, the issues, the joys and frustrations. She, Marina St. Clare, and I are working together on what's now called the Beginner's Ball, and Robin opened the Ball with a fantastic post on why she began writing erotica. Highly, highly recommended--as high as Jane Fonda has lifted her torso! Sorry, layout issues--will fix later...
Beginners' Buttocks
Originally uploaded by Laurie Pink


Erobintica said...

Helia, layout issues be damned - that's a great picture! (umm, I'm still trying to figure out how to do some of the layout stuff on blogger - have had a few oops moments where I have to immediately go in and edit.)

I think this is gonna be so much fun - maybe we should invest in regular foot massages for our tootsies - ya think?

Marina said...

Hi Helia - this is great! Love the picture!

Yes, Robin, you've got a great idea there - you know how much I like a good massage! Foot massages are wonderful!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I think the layout issues resulted when Jane's feet accidentally kicked some of your text askew on their way up.

By the way, Jane's waiting for her buttocks massage. Foot! Foot massage.

EllaRegina said...

Helia, this is such a wonderful idea! And we are all beginners, you know? Each time we write.

word: mated


Emerald said...

Hey Helia, congrats on your story at The Erotic Woman!!! I just read it, and your writing was so beautiful! I loved things like

"so unconditional that I simply soaked it in, like a neglected houseplant greeting the watering can"


"Then he began withdrawing, even more slowly, like the tide retreating from the beach."

Lovely! Congratulations again!!

Helia Brookes said...

Thank you, Robin, for the idea, and Marina for joining us; Jeremy for everything as always; ER for the wise thought; and Emerald for the so kind words! Now I'll actually post about the story. Always behind the 8-ball (it's shady there at least!)